tantrums and tiaras

On- Wednesday, November 25

I've often read that the most stressful thing in life is to move house - well whoever came up with that statement had clearly never planned a wedding. Most days I'd happily take packing boxes and setting up utility accounts over all the drama and politics that come hand in hand with a wedding.

The mother-in-law is interfering and your sister doesn't like her bridesmaid's dress. Auntie Flo won't speak to you unless you invite her neighbour from across the street. Well why wouldn't you? You went round that time and had tea with her when you were seven after all! And if that wasn't stressful enough - you've decided to DIY. (Our tag line is not tantrums, tiaras and sticky tape for nothing you know.) So what's a crafty creative bride to do? Well, take a deep breath and put down the glue gun because we've got some top tips for making your special day, and the lead up, as stress-free and as fun as possible.

Stick to what you're good at.
We're all better at some things than others. Be realistic and only take on what you know you can do well. The idea of putting together 20 floral centerpieces might seem like a good one, but if you've never done it before, stop. If you are planning on trying something that's new to you, do a test run with plenty of time to call in a professional if it all goes horribly wrong.

You've got to have friends.
Enlist help. Get the girls together for a DIY craft day. If you know anyone with a specific skill or profession that might helpful, a hairdresser or musician for example, ask for it to be your wedding gift.

It's all in the timing.
Make a list of everything you plan to DIY for your wedding, then look at the timing. The further out from your wedding date the more you can do which is why things like invitations and decorations that can be safely stored are a great option to DIY. You don't want to be up assembling and gluing at midnight before the wedding after all.

Remember things like fresh flowers will need to be done the night before, so if you think it might be too much, get a professional. Equally make sure you're not doing things too early. If you're making sweets or baking make sure they will still be fresh on the big day.

Have fun.
Don't forget get what this is all about, you and the person you love. So enjoy it!

Pic: Goregous Isabella gown by Jeremy Brandrick

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