sailing away on lavender seas

On- Monday, November 30

End of another month and another beautiful theme. We hope you love lavender seas as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone who contributed and commented. Don't forget to email us if you have something it share. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American followers, hope it was a good one. And happy end of Movember to all brides to be who's fiance's are threatening to keep the mo for the wedding.

Coming next on 'i do' it yourself it's a cheeky and cheerful theme for Christmas.

To finish the month off we're going to start something new. Putting together this blog we come across so many amazing things and we just cant fit them all. So here are a few things that really caught our eye this month:

If you're a fan of gorgeous styling, then head on over to A Creative Mint for some amazing eye candy and stunning photography. This month we were really struck with the work of Turkish jewellery designer Star of the East, especially her unique and beautiful creations featuring sea urchins like the neacklace shown above. Purple gown via Fashion Bride – just 'cos it was so pretty. We love this little blue dress by etsy seller Magnolija Dress, but it was a reserved for a very lucky buyer. Still, there's plenty more where that came from, check out their store for more amazing accessories and dreamy dresses.

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