melbourne cup picks

On- Tuesday, November 3

As it's the Melbourne cup today I thought we'd share our tips for picking a winner - in the fashion stakes that is. Headbands, hats and fascinators are firm favourites at weddings as well as the races. Make a statement with bright, bold colours and fabulous feathers, or opt for soft pastels with over-sized floral designs. We've got our money on these handmade beauties...

Credits: 1. Blue Bloom, US$285 from My Rakim 2. Bridal Bouquet, US$85 from Cultivar 3. Isadora, US$32 from Bethany Lorelle 4. Silk Bloom US$80 from My Rakim 5. Tea with the Queen, US$385 from Austie 6. The Farrah, US$74.99 from Satanica 7. Evangeline Nuno, US$110 Glamour Junkie 8. Bernadette, US$43 from Looks Good 9. Pretty in pink, US$59 from Pish Poshes 10. The canary US$30 from Giant Dwarf

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4 Comentarios

  1. thank you for including "bernadette" - this is the most stunning collection of hair accessories ever put together and i'm serious - EVER!!!


  2. Ooh, the bright blue feather in picture 3 has my name all over it! They're all so gorgeous!!

  3. Smartly!Definitely you have a big talent-not ardinary hands.
    Amelie Gough