lavender lovelies

On- Saturday, November 14

Well I haven't mentioned beauty on the blog before, but this week, for some reason I've been inundated with some really lovely lavender products. It must be fate. So here are some of my favourites to help even the most stressed bride to be to relax and unwind.

With it's sweet smell almost good enough to eat, nourish your skin with APIVITA almond and lavender bath and shower gel, $32.90. And, get some inner calm with lavender aromatherapy, APIVITA natural scents. Revive your skin with organic Byron Natures Gift lavender and orange mist, $22. Refresh your linen with uplifting Tasmanian lavender body and pillow mist from evodia, $23.95. APIVITA almond and lavender body cream, $39.90.

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