DIY project: paddle fan

On- Friday, November 20

DIY paddle fans are the perfect addition to a beach wedding and just the project for keeping your wedding guests cool this summer. Use them for a unique order of service, create stunning wedding invitations or as we've done here add a simple but beautiful poem.

We've designed loads of beautiful fans for you to print at home or just take the file to your local printer. Some are instant downloads which you can add text to yourself, while others we customise for you. See available fan designs here.

You will need:
A4 card paper
Double sided sticky tape
Ribbon or shells to decorate (optional)
Tongue depressors

Yep, you read the last one right, tongue depressors. Paddle pop sticks are a bit too small for the fan handles, but tongue depressors are perfect. You can pick them up at most chemists for about 20c each.

DIY project:
1. Order and print out one of our paddle fan designs on some fairly thick card paper.

2. Neatly cut round the design and fold in half.

3. Place some double sided sticky tape around the edges, then using more tape on both sides, stick your tongue depressor to the center of one of the pages.

4. Close the card and press firmly to seal.

You can decorate your paddle fans with additional details such as ribbon or shells.

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7 Comentarios

  1. Great work. No one would ever know that this was a "do it yourself" project.

  2. I love these! If I was having an outdoor wedding when my guests would be hot I would totally do this. I didnt want people fanning themselves in church but I really love these projects.

    But man all that cutting! Good luck and have fun. Be sure to post, I'm sure they will be fabo!

  3. It's a really great concept!!! I like way of designing very much...I think in summer it's a very useful.

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  4. Great idea, very creative and gives that little something that is unique to each and every guest at little to no cost.

  5. is there a way to change the color?

  6. Custom paddle fans are available in our etsy shop