DIY project: rose place cards

On- Thursday, October 22

These delicate little paper roses will add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding place cards. So simple to do, I remember making these in high school, you'll easily be able to whip up bunches of them in an evening.

You will need:
sheets of A4 red card
a pencil
double sided sticky tape
sticky tape
strips of white card stock

DIY project:
1. Sketch a spiral taking up the full width of your A4 piece of paper. You'll want the space between each line to be about 2cm, the bigger the space the bigger the rose.

2. Cut your spiral out following the lines you have sketched.

3. Starting from the outside, fix the end with a piece of double sided sticky tape and begin rolling the spiral up.

4. When you have finished rolling fix the other end with more double sided sticky tape and let the roll loosen a little to form your rose.

5. With your guests names carefully written or printed onto the strips of white card, stick a name to the bottom of each rose.

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2 Comentarios

  1. Pretty cute and delicate result. I already tried it twice, but didn't ended that pretty... must try again.