DIY project: rose petal cones

On- Tuesday, October 13

There is nothing more romantic at a wedding ceremony than a scattering of rose petals. In the past the bridesmaids or flower girls carried a basket of petals, but paper cones are increasingly popular and very easy to make.

You will need:
A4 paper
Decorative edged scissors
Double sided sticky tape
Hole punch
Rose petals

DIY project:
1. Download the template here and print it on your home printer.

2. Carefully cut the template out - you can use decorative scissors for the rounded edge if you wish.

3. Punch the two holes (over the marked dots) and attached a strip of double sided sticky tape to the flap.

4. Stick the flap to the other side of the paper cut out to form your cone shape.

5. Thread roughly 60cm of ribbon through the holes and secure each end with a bow or knot.

And you're done, just fill the cone with rose petals! You can further decorate your petal cone in lots of ways with monogrammed stickers, more ribbon or even doileys.

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  1. Ooh, what a pretty little touch to add to a wedding! Thanks for following, and I will definitely be back!!