handmade help for an Aussie bush wedding

On- Thursday, September 24

If you're having trouble knowing where to start with your bush themed wedding, here are a few handmade goodies to help you out.

  • Top your cake off with these sweet like eco love birds. Made from recycled wool, felt and cotton. They're green and gorgeous! US$65 from The Girl in Yellow.
  • These beautiful wedding invitations were made using individual photographs of real gum leaves. Print them at home and decorate any way you like! US$28 from us - 'i do' it yourself stationary.
  • These pretty party poms will instantly add fun to your wedding deco. Hang them from the ceiling or hang them in the trees, they are even made with recycled content tissue paper. Party on! US$30 for a seven piece set, from Party Poms.
  • Great for decorating wedding tables or the wedding cake. These cute little cupcake flowers come as a set of 12 for US$26 from Melker.
  • Add a little floral romance with these paper flowers made using pages of vintage romance novels! US$30 from Sparkle Pants.
  • Bleuroo makes these cute little fabric envelopes which can be hand embroidered with a name, starting at US$8 each. Use them for your invitations or gifts for bridesmaids, there are loads of possiblities.
  • Perch these pretty paper leaves on the edges of wine glasses for eye-catching place names. From US$1 each by Timeless Paper.
  • These sweet fabric leaves would make beautiful table decorations, and the best bit is of course you can take them home after to admire forever! US$21.50 by Jane Joss.
  • Elegantly Bound has an amazing range of handmade and hand bound wedding guest books to choose from, starting from around US$40. There are lots of great designs including this lovely forest print.

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