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On- Tuesday, September 1

I love the shape of a gum leaf, and particularly at this time of year I love the colours that they come in. Not just greens - but pinks and browns and yellows. With this in mind we've designed these gorgeous save the dates for the perfect Aussie bush wedding. But that's not the best bit - not only is the template FREE to download, they are actually seed packets! It's a beautiful way to set the scene for an outdoor eco friendly wedding. There is space to put in your own wedding date and the wording reads:

As these seeds grow,
so does our love,
there's going to be a wedding,
on the date shown above

DIY Project:
1. Download the seed packet template from our website here and print it on your home printer. (We've used 200gsm, 100% post consumer recycled paper.)

2. Cut carefully along the lines to cut out your seed packet.

3. While everything is still flat, now is the time to neatly write your wedding date on the front.

4. Pre fold all your flaps and crease.

5. Put your double sided sticky tape on the three smaller flaps making sure you cover the full length of the flap, you dont want gaps for all the seeds to fall out.

6. Fold over the largest flap and stick the smaller top and bottom flaps over it. Your seed packet should now look like a little envelope.

7. Drop your seeds inside and finish off by folding the final flap over to seal.

Dont forget to put inside or write on the back what seeds you have chosen and any planting instructions.

*** If you prefer a customised seed packet with your wedding details to use as a save the date, invite or favours. Visit our online shop!  ***

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  1. To the person that left the incredibly rude comments because they couldn't download it. Try emailing for technical help rather than just leaving expletives - the download works just fine.