Swept away

On- Sunday, August 2

It's been a funny couple of weeks weather wise here in Sydney. We've had pouring rain one day and beautifully sunny the next. It got me thinking about winter weddings in Australia. Unless your planning to go up into the mountains, a winter wedding Aussie style is not the usual snow flakes and pine cones that you might come across in other countries.

Obviously beach weddings in Australia are extremely popular. But what about in the winter? So this mood board is inspired by a winter beach wedding. Moody storm clouds, grey beach pebbles set off with stunning silver. The ultimate elegant beach wedding.

Silver sequined shoes from Enzo Angiolini via brides.com; pearl ribbon necklace from winknyc.com; silver sugar almonds; Sydney beach photo by aaron green photography; spring 2009 dress by Atelier Versace; winter cake photo from Martha Stewart Weddings; pebble table number; crochet pebbles by Resurrection Fern; Grey sea life light wrap from Mary and Angelika.

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1 Comentarios

  1. I like this a lot. Especially the gown and the idea of the stones marked with the table numbers