champagne and chandeliers

On- Tuesday, July 21

It's that time again. We've been busy hunting through etsy for some glitzy and glamourous handmade gifts to add to your wedding registry.

1. This cute little wall lamp made from vintage pearls, buttons and wire adds a touch of chic.

US$207 from Debeaux Souvenirs, France

2. Someone had time on their hands at the office - this stunning chandelier is made from paperclips! Quirky yet stylish.

US$135 from ReDesign Technologies, British Columbia

3. A very original piece - the bubble chandelier is fun and fabulous!

US$300 from Jean Pelle, Brooklyn

4. Add some sparkle with this beautiful glass nugget bowl.

US$40 from Smashing Glass, Chicago

5. These beautifully delicate paper mache bowls glow with gorgeous gold leafed interiors.

US$34 from Up In The Air Somewhere, Chicago

6. Slinky and sleek limited edition vase.

US$180 from Tandem Glass, Maine

7. These lovely molded gold photo frames will be perfect for displaying your wedding photos.

US$25.50 from Mackenzie Frames, France

8. Beautiful hand engraved champagne glasses make an elegant wedding gift.

US$34.85 from Day Dreem Designs, Pittsburgh

9. Dazzle dinner guests with stunning gold beaded placemats

US$17.50 each from The Home Centric, India

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