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On- Tuesday, July 14

When I first mentioned winter weddings a couple of weeks ago, a few people suggested I do some DIY wedding projects involving pine cones. They do seem pretty common for Christmas themed weddings, but I don't know about you, I find pine cones aren't an easy thing to come by in Australia. But, Plane Tree seed pods! That's different.

They don't sound very exciting, Plane Tree seed pods, but you'll know them. They are the little spiky things ALL OVER the ground this time of year. When they flower they are... well, hairy balls, but at the moment they make the perfect alternative to a pine cone.
(By the way in North America you apparently know Plane Trees as Sycamores)

DIY Project:
This is very similar to the way you would decorate a pine cone.
1. Working in a well ventilated area, spray your seed pods with a coat of primer or sealer and let them dry.

2. Spray the seed pods with white spray paint. (Obviously you can vary this - gold or silver spray paint will create equally lovely effects) Remember it will take a good couple of coats, the seed pods are very porous and do tend to soak up the paint.

3. You can either finish here or cover with a coat of spray adhesive and sprinkle some glitter.

4. Then, let your imagination run wild! They make beautiful centerpieces all together in a glass bowl, or mix them with antique gold and silver baubles. Surround a candle with them. Hang them in chains like falling snow. Have fun!

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  1. Great idea. You can almost do that with any item. Even porous and uneven pieces like styrofoam or polystyrene can be sealed and painted with water based paints.