FREE lolly bags label favours

On- Tuesday, June 16

Nothing says thank you like chocolate or lollies. Give a sweet treat to your wedding guests with yummy eadable favours. And to help we've created a FREE DIY lolly bag label!
It even comes in two gorgeous colours so you can mix and match, pretty pink and luscious lemon! And they are so simple to make:

1. Download and open up the lolly bag template pdf (you will need Adobe Acrobat.) Print it setting print scaling to none, and checking the box to auto-rotate and center. Use a fairly thick card paper, at least 200gsm.

2. Follow the crop marks, trim and fold your lolly bag labels to the correct size. Cut the bottom using decorative scissors.

3. Fill your bags with your chosen treats and staple the lollie bag lable to the top. Simple!

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