the DIY bride dilemma

On- Monday, June 29

How long does it really take to make 400 origami cranes? Stark white ribbon or cream lace? How long before the wedding should I start making the favours? You must be a DIY bride.

Planning a wedding can be taxing at the best of times - no matter how often we tell ourselves we wont be like our friends panicking over the table decorations at the last minute. No, our wedding will be relaxed and stress free! But being a DIY bride, that adds a whole new dimension. You don't want to be passing out face forward from exhaustion into your bouquet!

The trick is careful planning and to be realistic. Stick to what your good at and don't try and do everything the night before the wedding!

Lenny Ann Low has written a great little piece about the pros and cons of being an I do it yourself bride:
i-do-it-yourself - the perfect wedding
When you get married you have two options. Run screaming from the idea or consent in front of family and friends to lose all sense of joyful, hard-won liberty in the future. Just kidding... click here to read her full story from The Melbourne Age.

And if you'd like to share your DIY wedding story send us an email we'd love to hear from you.

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