tea cup cakes

On- Sunday, June 21

tea cup cakes
Not many people it seems are game enough to make their own wedding cake. But here's an idea that's not only easy, it looks gorgeous too!

Start by scouring junk stores and antique shops for old china cups and saucers, don't worry about finding sets the more mismatched the better.

Now who can't whip up a batch or two of cupcakes? Just make enough so there is one for each guest plus some extras. The best bit is you can do this months in advance and freeze, so you don't have to worry about sweating over a hot oven the night before the wedding.

When you're ready decorate your cupcakes in the usual fashion, icing and sprinkles etc. Have a bit fun and use different food colourings and flavours, it all adds to the effect. Then with the addition of a little tissue paper for padding and some cupcake liners simply display your desserts in the china cups. Easy.

You can arrange them together in a big group or have one at every place setting. They can even double as cute favours or place names with the addition of a card - or if you're very tricky you could even ice the names on!

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