Lovely Lilies

On- Monday, June 1

It's pouring with rain and freezing cold outside so lets brighten things up with some lovely lilies. 

  1. This beautiful fabric bag would brighten up any winter day. US$46 from A Touch of Stardust.
  2. The latest print from creative monsoon, 'the new lily' $45
  3. Sleep in style with this gorgeous lily eye mask, on US$12 from BibBon
  4. This beautiful clutch from IMH Designs will be a great reminder of sunny days, US$72
  5. Spirited Styles hobo handbag will have you dreaming of tropical holidays even in the most gloomy weather, US$142
  6. Simple and sweet this lovely little girls skirt by Kate Emerson Designs just looks so cute. US$31
  7. I love fabric covered buttons. Dwillingham have a whole bunch of fabrics to choose from. And only US$4.50 for two.

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