Sunday, May 17

Apricot skies

Our first scrapbook posting and I hope you like it. A couple of weeks ago I came across the lovely apricots on a ladder photograph and thought it would make a beautiful starting point for a mood board. Sky blue, cream and juicy apricot (you could also use orange) are perfect for a wedding outdoors. Apricots in little buckets would make lovely fresh centerpieces for the tables, with cute little birdie name places or gift tags on favors.

Chickadee tags by Dee Jann; 1950s vintage baby blue halter dress from Timeless Vixen Vintage; flowers unknown; apricots on a ladder by Sabra Krock Photography, via decor8; shoe photo by Karen Cunningham Photography; the scent of Lisabetta necklace by Sora Designs.


  1. It really is beautiful ... WELL DONE :)
    Love the colours and design.

  2. Made my heart skip a beat


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