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On- Saturday, May 16

Last week we looked at how to set up your own etsy wedding gift registry. This week lets kick things off with a look at some gorgeous gifts to add to your wish list. Timeless and always stylish, white ceramics make a beautiful wedding gift.

1. Lacy bird bowl
This very pretty clay bowl has been pressed with vintage lace the create a lovely pattern and texture. Use it as a soap dish, a candle holder or a little keepsake bowl.
US $22 from
Prince Design UK

2. Spout Collective
Made to order this stylish matte white stoneware set comes with nine vessels in different sizes. Perfect for just about anything.
US$825 from
Paige Russell

3. Nesting Heart Bowls
This sweet little set of glazed stoneware bowls is dishwasher and microwave safe and incredibly cute.
US$48 from
Red Hot Pottery

4. In Love
The Feelings' series are a collection of babushka doll inspired works of ceramic art. A beautiful unique gift. They are unglazed and 7.5cm high, a come in huge range of emotions to choose from.
US$50 from
Art Mind in Belgium

5. Battenberg
The ultimate tiered cake stand. Made from old tea cups, saucers, plates and glasses and handpainted with beautiful illustraions.
US$240 from
Esther Coombs in London

6. Bird Vase
The perfect vase for flowers with a sweet little bird to watch over them.
US$45 from
Whitney Smith in California

7. Teabag Teaspoon cup and Saucer
A beautiful porcelain cup and saucer decorated with a teabag and teaspoon illustration. Just gorgeous.
US$43 from
Bailey Doesn't Bark in New York

8. Translucent Porcelain Cup
Made using very thin sliced pieces of clay, built up slowly to create the lovely translucent effect. Decorated with hugs and kisses. XOX
US$30 from
Stepanka in New York

9. Apple container
This cute little apple-shaped container would look fabulous anywhere with its lovely glossy finish dripped with silver.
US$20 from
Michiko Shimada in New York

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